A Little Something About Us

About Us

kellyKelly Lloyd started out stringing beaded bracelets as gifts for friends. “I have always loved making the perfect gift for the people I care about. It’s how I show my love for them.” With the style and color preferences of her friends in mind, she designed one-of-a-kind pieces that were unique to each person. When she began learning about the significance and properties of different stones, she combined meaning, color and embellishments to create the ultimate individualized gift.

Born and raised in Newport Beach, and a resident of Santa Barbara for the past 20 years, Kelly has a bead on California style. Her simple, colorful, meaningful gemstone bracelets enhanced with gold, silver and diamond charms and beads are statement pieces that complement everything from jeans to the LBD (little black dress).

Why Sugar?

“My father is an all-time great gift giver. Every Christmas while we lived at home, he went out and bought a special gift of jewelry for each of his daughters. They were usually found at our Christmas Eve place settings —a special something for each of his three girls— a gift that was just from him. We called him our Sugar Daddy.”

Put a little Sugar in your bowl and sprinkle some on your friends.

Why the Bee?

One of the first gifts I remember receiving from my dad was an emerald embellished bumble bee brooch. There was always a story or some sort of symbolism behind his gifts. He loved the significance of the bee because aerodynamically they were “not built quite right” — it has been said that the bumblebee technically shouldn’t be able to fly—yet it does. Hence the bee is symbolic of prosperity, diligence and work ethic — all qualities my dad believed in and exemplified.”